Key Biscayne

We’ve spent the last couple of days anchored offshore of the old Nixon winter white house site near the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. This spot is also just a few blocks from where Paula and Cheese and Basil and I lived in the mid 1990’s.

Through the magic of reciprocal privileges and a timely letter of introduction from our RBHYC commodore I was able to gain access to the club to use their dinghy dock to access groceries and water and covid testing. It was fun walking around the town again after so many years. The yacht club itself is much bigger and fancier than when we lived here — but the people are still super friendly and helpful and the view of downtown Miami across Biscayne Bay is still spectacular.

All the water tanks are topped off, fresh fruits and veggies are loaded, I’ve got my health visa, the weather forecast looks good and we’re ready to go. We’ll depart late this evening for the quick overnight trip across the Gulf Stream to Bimini. The plan is to stay at a marina in Alice Town for the first night (or possibly two) to get my bearings and wait for the next front to pass. Then I expect to head further east across the bank to the Berry Islands. Or not. From here on there is no real schedule or itinerary.

Andante in Key Biscayne. More boats arrive every day to wait on weather for a Gulf Stream crossing. After several weeks of lousy conditions it looks like the next 2-3 days will provide light winds and reasonable seas — so expecting to motorsail most of the 50 miles from here to Bimini.
Key Biscayne Yacht Club. A bit too fancy for my taste but amazing view from the bar.
The old Nixon helipad is on the right side of this photo. The homes along the shore are in all different styles and some are really attractive — but its the view from the houses that makes the location appealing. And I get the same view (maybe better) from Andante for free.
The view. Even better when in focus.
After weeks of worrying about logistics it was crazy simple to get a covid test from this little trailer about a mile walk from the yacht club. Same-day appointment for a rapid PCR test that gave a result within two hours. That allowed me to get all of my Bahamas health visa and immigration paperwork out of the way. Yay.
Road ibis. Use caution.
The moon over Miami was underperforming this week even with an assist from Jupiter.

4 thoughts on “Key Biscayne”

  1. Hello, Dave: I have known. and spent time sailing on Andante for decades. I was close friends with her owner. I am happy to see that you are taking good care of her, and she is taking good care of you! Fair winds. Bob – Brooklyn, NY


  2. Super views of the Miami and Key Biscayne skyline. I was glad to hear that your Covid transition went so smoothly. No worries, be happy. I noted your overnight crossing into the Bahamas. I am sure it will now be pure pleasure and enjoyment and good eating. I see Paula is getting another snow storm visit this weekend. Quite a diffenence, eh?


  3. Your nite passage to Bimini snuck up on me. Glad you are there safe and sound. Super that the covid test was easy and quick. Hope your next passage south will be as enjoyable.


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