Winter is coming

The sailing season in New England is always painfully short. Hauling Andante this fall was particularly painful after spending much of last winter in Bahamian sunshine. But there is work to be done both on the boat and off.

One of the several jobs that has been neglected for months is updating this blog with information about our travels this summer. In subsequent posts I’ll share some info and photos from our many pleasant weekends afloat.

On the hard for the winter. In this photo from mid-November the cover framework has been installed and is ready for canvas. Her lumpy bottom still needs lots of work but the water-based antifouling paint applied a year ago in Beaufort held up well.
Andante and Dinghy in warmer days. One addition this summer was a second solar panel that we strapped to the top of the boom while anchored. A little less shaded than the one on the dodger. Not a long-term solution but definitely useful.
Sunset over Cuttyhunk.
Pay attention. More to come soon.