Yay Visitors!

Hosting successive guests after six months alone was a blast. It was really fun to share the places I’ve explored, the foods I’ve enjoyed and the endless sunshine. I think both of my guests agreed that any visit to the Bahamas measured in days or weeks is too short. Thanks for coming!

I like being alone with Andante. I like being alone with this girl even more.
And als0, dinosaurs.
Dinghy hadn’t been this happy in months.
A quiet morning with sleepy piggies.
Later in the day pig beach isn’t so quiet. On a subsequent visit a couple of ladies from Nassau got up close with a piglet. The big pig wasn’t too happy about it.
A crew member from one of the minimegayachts decided to feed the sharks at SCYC. All of them. The nurse sharks climbed all over each other to get at the fish she was offering.
We visited Thunderball Grotto when the current was pretty strong. This made it more challenging to swim but kept the tourist boats away. Very cool…
…especially with a real mermaid!
Plenty of time to relax on the beach
But eventually the visits had to end. Fortunately short-term airport parking was convenient.

2 thoughts on “Yay Visitors!”

  1. Great Photos!! What a tan you have. Glad you had a chance to have visitors share all that you have been experiencing. Looks like it was a relaxing time for all.


  2. I am trying to discern which of you has spent the winter in Cape Cod and which was in the Bahamas! So nice to see the blog. We have been checking regularly and so enjoy being along for the ride at least a bit.


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