Almost Ready to Go

Just a few more days before we set sail.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m back on Andante after a nice holiday at home. Santa was very generous this year.


There are only a few more jobs to complete in the yard before getting underway early next week. The weather forecast for the next couple of days looks pretty sloppy so we’ll most likely stay put until Tuesday. Then we’ll relocate to an anchorage a few miles south of here in downtown Beaufort for fuel, water, and last minute supplies.

After that we’ll move to Cape Lookout to wait for appropriate weather to head south. At this point the first anticipated stop is about 85 miles away in Southport, NC at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. From there its another easy sail to Charleston, SC. That seems to be the best location for a jump to the Bahamas — but the Covid situation is changing rapidly.

Our new Winslow liferaft arrived and is now stowed, along with a well-equipped ditch bag and damage control supplies, in a dedicated cockpit locker. I’ve reorganized and inventoried all of the storage spaces onboard. My spreadsheet lists the contents of 87 lockers. No wonder I can never find anything.
I built a new heavy-duty storm hatchboard. Just in case. We already had traditional teak boards, a lightweight (night-time) board, and a screen. But nothing heavy-duty that could be secured in place in the event of really rough weather. Now we do.
I climbed the mast twice today and helped a friend do the same on his boat. I built a new suspension system for the radar reflector and finally changed the bulb in the anchor light from the original incandescent (2.7A) to a brighter but much lower power LED (0.1A). The difference in energy usage over 10 hours is staggering.

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    1. Yes, sort of. Definitions of the “Bermuda Triangle” vary but Bermuda-Miami-Puerto Rico is the simplest. The northernmost Bahamas are slightly outside this zone. I guess we’ll just have to take our chances…


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